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Retirement Planning


Our goal is to assist you in achieving your long term financial goals with peace of mind.  A comfortable retirement is the number one goal for most Americans today.  It is also a period of transition and change that often creates anxiety and stress for those contemplating retirement.

At Excomp, our primary focus at the outset is to help you develop your spending habits for your retirement lifestyles.  We can then do a review of the following:

  1. Current Investments
  2. Years until retirement
  3. Company retirement programs
  4. Levels of Saving
  5. Social Security
  6. Inflation and market returns (expected)

With this information, we can develop your roadmap to retirement.  This consists of an analysis of the above, a rigorous and through analysis of the chance of outliving your portfolio (not good) and recommendations and/or adjustments on saving or spending that will maximize your opportunity for a successful retirement.  This information can then be utilized in constructing a portfolio that is customized to your needs and maximizes the opportunity for a successful outcome.

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