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At Excomp, we begin the investment process by asking questions.  Understanding you and your goals, wishes and fears is the critical first step to constructing an appropriate investment strategy that is customized for your unique needs. At Excomp, we continually strive to achieve a balance between our client’s tolerance for risk and their desire for reward in structuring their portfolio.

We believe that diversification is vital to portfolio construction and helps to control portfolio risk. Volatility is the nemesis of both individual investors and professionals alike and diversification helps in the reduction of portfolio volatility.

As investment professionals, we believe research and a disciplined process are critical to success.  Research allows us to base our investment decisions on knowledge rather than guesswork, intuition or passing fads and having a disciplined process helps us to avoid common decision errors that arise from taking mental shortcuts.

We view ourselves as conservative investors whose primary duty is the preservation of our clients’ assets so the funds are available for their long term retirement needs.  This is balanced against achieving respectable portfolio returns to provide purchasing power to offset the erosive effects of inflation.  Developing this balance for each client is grounded in a systematic process and statistically addresses the risk/reward trade off from a historical perspective so that the appropriate asset allocation strategy can be properly implemented.

At Excomp, while our process is systematic, our thinking is creative and it has led us to think outside the box in developing customized risk-adjusted strategies for our clients’ portfolios.

On a regular on-going basis we monitor your account. This process includes a review of performance, fees, market events and conference calls with fund managers.  In addition, each and every quarter we provide a customized report showing the current asset allocation, portfolio performance, specific commentary on the quarter just ended as well as our expectations for the future for investors.


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